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Practice becoming who you want to become

It’s time to remember 


your capacity for greatness. 


the potency of your values, beliefs, and moral compass. 

how much the world benefits from you leaning into your soul purpose.

Liberation from burnout, stress, and limiting beliefs

The world we live in is full of demands- make more money, produce more, sacrifice your time and energy, extend beyond your limits… 

Feel  Less. 

In a world that prioritizes productivity, prioritizing yourself is an act of rebellion. 


Embodiment is a practice...

That puts you in direct contact with the needs of your body.

That confronts the stories you’ve been giving life through your actions.

That allows you to create safety to feel, release, and heal stuck tension and emotions.


Tapping into your true potential

You are Limitless. 

Capable of taking risks, releasing your fear of failure, and defining and accomplishing your wildest dreams. 




We all have patterns, stories, and beliefs that hold us back. These grooves and ways of being are carved through the repetition of our actions over years, until they seem like the only option.


This is for you if...

You want to live in alignment with your true purpose, feel fulfilled at work, and reach new levels of success

You feel stuck in your habits, held back by your fears and belief systems, and unsure how to think your way to change

You crave feeling at home in your body, filled with self love, confident in the way you walk through the world, and unafraid to take up space with your authenticity

You feel called to create deeper connections, communicate more clearly, and foster more intimate, vulnerable, loving relationships

Traditional forms of exercise and fitness haven’t stuck, but you know you want to have strength and mobility to play with your grandkids

You’re ready to transform the way you show up, own your life, and be the person you dream of being, and want individualized support with the process


What is it? 

Within this 1:1 container, we’ll create your practice together so you have exactly what you need to succeed at every step of the process. 

While the way your journey unfolds will be a unique reflection of you, your needs, and your desires- the work is based on three foundational pillars that create long lasting, sustainable, and enjoyable growth. 

With weekly 1:1 calls, your journey will be co-created with me. You’ll receive the guidance, tools, resources, space to reflect, and integration needed to forge a practice that will last you a lifetime.


Movement as Ritual

The most vital step in forming an embodied movement practice is creating consistency. I’ve found the best way to do this is to design the practice with deep purpose. Having a clear “why” behind the “what” makes showing up day after day obtainable and exciting.

    In this pillar, we shift the framing away from adding another obligation to your day and towards creating a ritual that nourishes and provides more spaciousness.


Movement as Remedy

This is the magic that restructures your way of being. Through somatic movement exercises, tapping into the wisdom of the body, moving and dispelling stuck emotions and trauma in the body, and reflecting deeply on the experiences, the practice can become medicine. 

In this pillar, we shift the framing away from dance being a purely aesthetic or vanity based endeavor and towards it being the vehicle for your transformation.


Movement as Research

Our bodies are highly functional, extremely complex machines capable of moving in infinite ways. Through play and exploration, you can learn the unique way your body expresses complex ideas and movement and begin to move in ways you never thought possible. 

    In this pillar, we practice shifting the framing away from learning specific steps or techniques and towards creativity, curiosity, and discovery as the innate driving force of learning.


Ready to get started?

Click on the button below to fill out an application and begin your movement journey today! A Discovery Call will be scheduled first to make sure we are a good fit for working with each other.

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